We are here to make your closing day go as smoothly as possible. Below are some common questions and answers to help streamline the closing process.

What should I bring to closing?

Please bring a valid photo ID (such as your Driver's License), your social security number, and a certified/cashiers check made payable to "Ann Marie Sullivan, Attorney at Law, LLC" unless you have a arranged for a wire transfer.  For more information on preparing for your closing, please click here.

Do I need title insurance?

While title insurance is not required, it is highly recommended. Click here for more information or contact our office to speak with Ann regarding the benefits of title insurance.

Do I need a new survey?

A new survey is not always required, but it is recommended.  Referrals for surveyors in the area can be provided upon request.

What if I cannot attend closing?

If you are unable to attend closing, please contact our office as soon as possible to make arrangements.  A Limited Power of Attorney can be prepared or a mail away closing can be coordinated.