Real Estate Closings

In the state of South Carolina, only attorneys licensed in South Carolina are permitted to complete real estate closings.  Whether you are purchasing or selling your home, our firm's priority is to protect your interest and investment.  We are prepared to walk you through the closing process from beginning to end.

Title Insurance

For many people, the property they own is one of their biggest investments.  By investing in title insurance, you are protecting your interest in the property from any claims or discrepancies that occurred prior to your ownership of the property.  There is a one-time premium paid at closing which will cover you for the duration of your ownership. Ann Sullivan is an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.


Other Real Estate Services

Our firm is also prepared to assist you with a variety of other real estate services.  Ann Marie Sullivan, Attorney at Law, LLC can also represent you in various lender-involved matters such as Construction Loans, Mortgage Refinances, and Home Equity Lines.  We can also assist you with Deed Preparation, Title Search/Review, and Document Review.

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